3d Visualisation

If you have an idea for a product, or a design for an interior, 3d can really help to bring your ideas into something tangible you can sell to your clients and customers. Renderings can be used for marketing materials and to help sell products that may not exist yet. Octosaurus can produce photorealistic renders for you for any project.


Photorealistic interior shots and renders.


We can create photorealistic real time applications, you can walk around in on screen, with materials and lighting that can be updated and changed on the fly in real time. This can be used for kitchen designs, or interior designs going through options with your clients.


Trade show stand visualisation. Want to see how you graphics and identity can look for your next trade show, or have design in mind.


We can take your sketches and product designs and model, texture light and render for you, bringing your sketch to life into something believable, to scale or even your exact measurements, we can even model these ready for 3d prining

3d visualisation


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